Rainviewer Pro Data not visible in FlowX Bronze?

Hello, I’m new on the forum but I’ve been a Pro user of FlowX for over 1 year now.

I am trying to get the RainViewer Pro data functionality working, but somehow either I’m using it wrong, or it’s not working.

My understanding, based on the “Release 3.124 (10 July 2019)” release notes, is this:
If you have FlowX Bronze and Rainviewer PRO, you can see RainViewer as a Data Source in FlowX.

Well I got RainViewer Pro (temporarily, by watching the advert in their app,) and I also have FlowX Bronze. But I cannot find anything in FlowX to select the RainViewer Data Source. It’s not in the list of sources.

What is going on here? Am I doing something wrong?


@Forecast1 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx. To see RainViewer Radar Goto Edit places on days slider move first dot on slider left to add at least one day or more then tap the plus sign scroll down to and select Radar


@Forecast1, thanks for supporting Flowx and RainViewer.

I am having some teething issues with Flowx asking RainViewer for the pro status.

The first step is edit place via the top-right menu, click “+” to add data and see if RainViewer is there.

Join the beta testing for Flowx and update Flowx via the Play Store to version 3.126.

Then send me the debug log in the new app, then go to Settings and click “RainViewer Check”.

After this you might be able to add the RadarViewer radar data via Edit Place.

Let me know how you go. I don’t have a phone that has this problem so it’s difficult to fix. Essentially, I have to try something and release it to users to try.

Cheers, Duane


Thanks for your response.
I did what you said.
The RainViewer check shows “Rainviewer permission granted. RainViewer (161) level: free”

The debug log is on its way to you.

I still can’t find the RainViewer option. I click on:

  • Three dots at the top right
  • Edit Place
  • Observe there is no RainViewer option
  • Change Days to -3
  • Observe there is no RainViewer option
  • Click on plus sign next to the current Selected Source
  • Open all sub-menus and observe there is no RainViewer options

Flowx is talking to RainViewer, it just that RainViewer is responding with a free status.

You need to open RainViewer once after you buy pro, then RainViewer will know you are pro and give Flowx the pro status.

Cheers, Duane.


I have an ongoing e-mail discussion with Duane… it might be because I have the ‘temporary’ free RainViewer, which is ‘purchased’ by watching an ad in the app.


Here is the end of the issue:
I had the ‘temporary Pro’ RainViewer, which is activated by watching an ad in the RainViewer app. You get the Pro verison for a short time.

At present, this ‘temporary Pro’ RainViewer is not properly recognized and there is some issue between the 2 apps in recognizing this setup.

Therefore, at the present time, you cannot get RainViewer data in FlowX bronze when using the ‘temporary Pro’ RainViewer. This might be fixed in the future.


I could imagine that isn’t really a bug but intended behavior …
Real pro users support the project

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