Reduce / Zoom into timeframe for more details

I’m loving FlowX, and I know about up/down to reduce the scrolling speed, but it would be great to be able to reduce the number of days shown and/or ‘zoom’ into a timeframe to see it in more detail.

There’s so much ‘hidden’ function in FlowX, I might be missing it, but otherwise maybe this is something to consider.

Maybe something that expands the graphs out to full screen (hiding the map) and zooms into 2-3 days so you can see more detail in the graphs.


@khaytsus Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. if you tap the 3 dots top right then tap edit place you can choose the numbers of days up to 16 depending on your subscription. you can compare graphs by double tapping the graph.


Excellent, that does work! A quicker way to zoom in/out would be nice, but that does do the trick, thank you! I knew I was just overlooking it.


Glad I could help. Have a Great Day


You can save the same place as different places and edit the number of days to show.
I do this also for my most used places, one with 3days for better zoom, one for 10 days for longer forecast.
And saved them as. Home3d and Home10d


Good tip, this is quicker than changing the time range, thank you!


Yes, I do the same.
Was about to suggest it but @tiwag was quicker.

The idea to

In a smooth way have been discussed before, but it would apparently be difficult to pull off. The reason being that the data that is downloaded at an updated is limited by the set time frame.

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