Release 3.110 is rolling out

Version 3.108/3.110 (13 June 2019)

  • GFS is now GFS (FV3). NOAA has replaced GFS with GFS FV3.
  • Compare graphs now uses swipe to set time instead of single-tap.
  • Compare graph now sets the time on the map and vice-versa.
  • Compare graph now support the pinned place.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, including the blanking graph bug.

Minor Edit in 3.110 to highlight the GFS model is GFS (FV3).


Keep up the good work!

@duane Very nice. Slick as ice. Keep up the Awesome Work

@duane How do one make use of, or edit the


I’m taking it as the location you have selected I could be wrong my thought train :station: derails now and then :joy::joy:

When you double-finger pan to move your location, it creates a pin. Before when you went to compare-mode, you saw the graphs for the original saved place, not the pin. Now it shows it for the pin.


:joy::joy::joy: My thought train :station: more than derailed on that one. Thanks @duane

@duane I don’t like the update it’s showing more :zap: before the thunder :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. Alot of developers don’t interact with their users and don’t fix issues tell several weeks or months later.

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Thanks @duane for clarifying!

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