Release 3.126 BETA

  • BETA: Hurricane Tracks in silver and gold. This will be available in free and bronze later.

  • Radar tile size is now 250x250 instead of 500x500 to give you the perception of faster loading.

  • RainViewer Pro: for a few users, Flowx is having issues getting their RainViewer Pro status. Please contact me if this is you.

  • Added some RainViewer Pro debugging.


@duane looking Awesome for me everything is Working. Another Amazing updated :+1::sunglasses::+1: been testing for me Radar Seems to load faster, Hurricane is Sweet.

@duane FAQ, Basic Getting Started, On Accuracy show “page not found” Does Not Affect App Performance!!! Just an FYI.

Yes, I need to finish that article on accuracy… or fix the link.