Release 3.136 bounced into beta again

I had to fix an introduced crashing bug and release this again. Sorry about that.

  • NEW: Storm/Hurricane tracks and points for following the possible paths of tropical storms.
  • YAY: I have finally found and fixed the blanking radar bug!!!
  • NEW: Information pop-ups - currently only for storm tracks - more to come later.
  • NEW: Single click the time icon goes to the current time. Double click goes to the latest radar image.
  • FIXED: the radar forecast time format in the info box.
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I like!

You fix bugs! No need to be sorry about that!

If “debugging” is “the work of removing bugs” from the code, then “programimg” must be “the work of putting them in” there! :grin::sunglasses:


:slight_smile: You mean “the unintended work of putting them in”


Unintended or not, it’s part of what’s happening when a programmer is at work. (Myself included.) :grin:

I’ve only ever heard of one programer writing “perfect code” (*) at first try, and he’s busy managing the Linux kernel… :sunglasses:

" Nobody actually creates perfect code the first time around, except me. But there’s only one of me."

Found at time 22:19 in Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git , Google, 23 July 2007.