Release 3.254 (28 April 2020) Beta

Release 3.254 (28 April 2020)Beta

  • BIG CHANGES with high res. time stepping.

  • HRRR now has 15 minute time steps!!! up from one hour steps.

  • GFS and ICON has 1 hour time steps for the first 3-5 days up from 3 hour steps.

  • If you can’t handle the jandal, you can choose low resolution time steps in Settings.

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@duane what is new in 3.254 (beta) compared 3.252?
They have the same description:

Just fixed the bug for the flashing HRRR cloud data. But most users won’t know this bug since 3.252 was only 20% rolled out and most users aren’t Pro. So I didn’t want to clutter the change log with irrelevant changes.

I sometimes do this.