Release 3.326 /3.328 (22 May 2021) Beta

Release 3.326 (20 May 2021) Beta

  • New Data in Free: GFS Wave replaces the MWW3 wave model. The new data is twice the resolution.

  • HRRR Smoke is back.

  • Removing some rarely used settings.

  • Added a polish pro dialog link.

Release 3.328 (22 May 2021) Beta
Fixed Wave Information


Which ones?

  • Use Low Resolution
  • WorldView
  • Check RainViewer

If there is demand the first two will be moved into an editor.


I for one would be really sad to see WorldView go.

I actually use it close to “all the time”, and think the constricted max zoom out level (without WorldView) feels a bit claustrophobic almost.

(So much so, that I’ll skip this beta version.)

The option to turn world view off is gone. In other words, you can’t restrict it to a closed in view.


Oh, in that case, it’s all good!

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