Release 3.366 (28 May 2022) Beta

Release 3.366 (28 May 2022) Beta

  • Fixed more Pro version bugs.

  • ECMWF HRES (0.4 degree resolution) data is now Free.

Note: there is no cloud data.

  • Added RainViewer’s Stand With Ukraine banner to show our support. This banner will show if you look at a place in Russia, Belarus and Hungary.

If you Stand with Ukraine, feel free to email me for a secret code to turn it off.



I’m still having problems with the app - it’s defaulting to NOAA each time I restart the app. It also flashes a message stating that Meteo-France Arpege isn’t available for my pro level. I can then select Arpege from the usual dropdown and proceed as normal until the next restart.

Shall I do anything other than wait for a fix? I’m on the latest app beta on a Samsung s20fe phone running Android 12 and One UI version 4.1


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Are you starting the app by taping the widget?

If that is the case, it could be that your widget is set to NOAA or Meteo-France, and this can be changed in the settings for the widget.

Tap the top right corner of the widget to open the “Edit widget” page.

Hi Ohan - thanks for responding. I’ve used Flowx for a few years now and so I know my way around the app - the problem wasn’t user error and was resolved by the most recent of Duane’s updates. As a beta tester I suspect that I had suffered from a beta bug, rather than an issue with the stable version - all’s good now :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again

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