Scale bar adjustments not sticky

I find the long-press “Edit Scales” adjustments are lost after some period of time (2-24hrs?) But not after the app is closed or cleared from the active app list. I see it’s beta. If you care to keep this feature, I would value more “stickiness” in custom values; like super-sticky, until I change them, or do some reset-like action.

I’m having similar problems. When I set the minimum & maximum values, then tap on the “Save”, the values I entered are there, when I return to the map, but after I close the app, return later, the values I had entered are gone. Have used this feature on CAPE, and DewPoint, with the same results.

Thank you,

This should be fixed in v3.102.

Cheers, Duane.

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Yes, indeed. It is for me. Spiffy, speedy, and splendid @duane

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