Show places on the map

I’d find it useful to have my chosen places appear on the map, perhaps as stars, and for them to be hot links too, to save opening the places menu.
Does anyone else like the idea?

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What do you mean by this sorry I’m slower than maple syrup in the winter :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, this is on the todo list and I think it’s a good idea. It’ll have to be a setting of some sort since too many places in a region can obscure the weather data.


I’d leave it alone.
It’s a simple tap to open the menu and choose.

I did some analytics once, some people have many places in their list. One user had over 200 places, so something like this might suit certain users.

Remember, Flowx will always install with a basic view where you can add functionality as you need. I’ve often wondered if there should be a choice on first install, e.g., “general”, “sailing”, “aviation”, “wind sports”, “snow sports”, “water sports”, “farmer”, etc…

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