Snow and rain-forecast on the map at the same time


With radar on, one can see both rain and snow at the same time, but for forecasts (for the ones that include snow forecast) one can not display them at the same time. They currently use the same color scheme and when when the second one is activated the first one is hidden.

Use a separate color scheme for snow, and make it possible to turn on and off both snow and rain independently of each other.

For us in the north, the winter it now coming, and it is getting increasingly interesting to see forecasts of rain at the same time as forecast for snow.

Hoping that this feature could be implemented relatively easily and swiftly.


Good idea Ohan. Rain and snow, independently.

Duane surely must be tiring from the novelty of hammering nails.

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Hello @Alex, @Ohan,

Nope, I’m not tiring of hitting nails. Successfully banging in a nail without having to think about is how to do it without annoy users is quietly satisfying. Seeing a house go up without any 1-star reviews is enjoyable - as such I am quitting Flowx … just joking :slight_smile: Here is a picture of the progress:

We can show rain or snow or rain and snow (precipitation) together. However, each pixel is either a rain value or snow value - not both.


Thanks for the information.

House looks good 5⭐


@duane looking Awesome Brother

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so what is the solution? How can I see rain AND snow at the same time? I miss it for a long time… :slight_smile:


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Not yet, but the new code will allow it.


Great news! I forgot to mention that meteoblue handles it well (in my opinion). Thank you


Was literally going to ask this today. Glad to see it’s a planned feature

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