Snow in graphs

I’ve noticed that it is possible to add “snow” on the map as a separate layer to “precipitation”, but in the graphs I miss this feature.

Since the datasets seam to exist and to be a seperete one to precipitation, wouldn’t it be easy to ad snow as and optional data to the graphs?

(For some reason I’m imagening the default color for snow in the graphs to be a cold light blue, close to cyan, rater than white…)

I’m following this topic with interest because I need some training on what Flowx can tell me about snow. I don’t live in a snowy place but a recent camping trip to the snow (cancelled because of road closures) had me perplexed on what Flowx was telling me about precipitation vs. snow. And because it was cancelled, I didn’t get to real-world compare Flowx data. (My secret camping agenda.)

In the end, I figured I had to switch the map between snow and precipitation (to get snowfall rates) and also add the “freeze line” to the precipitation graph (to figure out if it was going to snow and maybe see the effective snowfall rate? Is it 1-to-1 with precipitation??) This seemed to be all the Flowx info on snow.

One day I want to make the graph editor fully editable, i.e., you can add any line and choose the data to use.

Time is my main limitation.