Speed upp download by increasing time stepping

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How big of a job would it be to have the “time stepping” setting lead to less data being downloaded?

This could potentially drastically decrease download times , and be especially helpful when on a flacy connection.

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Most data sources have 1 hour times steps so it won’t reduce the downloads.

The only sources with lower times steps is radar (10m) and HRRR (15m) but why would you want to reduce the resolution of these.

I don’t think this is worth the effort and extra complexity.


Aha, ok.

So for most things the changes shown on a timescale less than 1h are done by means interpolation performed by the app on my device post downloading the data from the source?

And also every change shown on a timescale less than 10 min is done by interpolation?

Also In that case I agree with that


Yup. Pretty all data in Flowx is the best that we can get. The only improvement I can make it to calculate optical flow and include this - this is quite diffucult.