Swipe through data sources

I had an idea for a “nice to have feature” and would like some feedback if others would find this useful.

FlowX is so great to navigate through time with the up/down/left/right scrolling, but changing data sources requires a couple of clicks, and is on the left side of my phone ( my thumb is on the right). Sooo…… how nice would it be to be able to swipe left or right to change data sources? I’m talking about the big swipe(not scroll) motion from off the edge of the touchscreen and left or right. A lot of apps have this you and I feel like it fits with the FlowX style very well. It’s commonly in browsers or email apps to go “back/forward” or navigate through email inbox on some Reddit apps to navigate between individual subs, on twitter between feeds etc. it’s a gesture that’s part of our “navigation language” now, and flowX could use/benefit from this.

It may be less user friendly with a lot of data sources in N. America or Europe, so maybe a “star” favoriting system, and swiping cycles through your favorited models?


I have thought much about faster source switching.

Most Android users won’t know what you mean by the “is on the left side of my phone ( my thumb is on the right)”. On Android, you click the place name at the top to switch sources, which is even further away.

FYI Android users, the Apple version has the source switcher in the bottom-left.

I’m also splitting data types so you can mix and match weather data with waves and air quality sources (see the “WX”, “Waves” and “AQ” tabs below).

So you can see switching sources can be more difficult with these new categories.

Regarding moving the source menu button to the right hand side - this is a bit of problem because it will interfere with the submenu and I also plan to use the right hand side for other controls, e.g., a slider to change the elevation of data at different altitudes.

Regarding quick switching, I have thought that double-tapping the would switch to your previous source, or a swipe-up or swipe-down on the source menu button will switch sources up/down. These are ideas at the moment and will need some testing.

Additionally, I plan to introduce a dual-map layout in landscape mode where you can compare models side-by-side.

I think this topic will need a bit of brainstorming and trialing ideas.