Swiping tips

swipe up/down for slower change in days. One map width up/down = 1 day change.
Thanks for this tip @duane


Swiping in "L"s and "7"s has changed my life. Is it time for a change in your life, too?


There are plans for a setting to adjust there. Show your interest if you’d like this.

I don’t like adding too many settings but if enough users ask, then clearly it’s needed.


My personal preference is up, down, left and right


my favorite swipes are off map: #1 off map swipe is to swipe from “temp text” right (until I get to the day I’m interested in) #2 is to down swipe into the “scale bar/lower icons” then swipe right (without lifting the thumb) to view the map and the graph “day highlight” change as I swipe. (This method gets my distracting thumb out view) #3 I’ll up swipe into the graph then right swipe (this hides the data behind my thumb, focusing my attention on the scroll of graph data under the “vertical bar” with the map largely in view)

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