Swiss ICON models?

MeteoSwiss recently activated their own variants of the ICON models. Are there any plans to make them available in Flowx pro?

They don’t list prices for data access, but their weather forecasts page has a “Fees for forecast products available on request” link.


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Hello. Another user just emailed about the Swiss ICON models.

I’m not really in the position to add the Swiss model since I am still trying to post the new code to Android and have a backlog of other models to add. So because of this, I decided not to ask about pricing.

If anyone wants to query MeteoSwiss about a rough estimate of pricing, feel free to do so. If it’s a reasonable price, I’ll add it to the list of weather model data to buy. Currently, the UKMO regional model is on the list to purchase.

Regarding the new code, this code has a way better design to add models easily and quickly, as well as add more complex model types. I’m hoping to get an Alpha version out in the next 1-2 months so keep an eye out for that.

Essentially, it’s about prioritization, time and my inability to multitask.

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Incidentally, that video on the MeteoSwiss page is top-notch. It explains weather modelling and ensemble models very well.

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