Temperature Timeline/ Dawn-Dusk

Hi everyone, new to the Forum and app! Like many others who were using and loving Dark Sky, I searched for months to find the right replacement and I’m so glad I found Flowx - it surpasses Dark Sky in nearly every way!

A couple of suggestions for features in the future:

  • Option for “Feels Like” temperature (I read it might be in the works, but just adding another vote for it
  • More temperatures for the day than just the high/ low. For example, you can see from my screenshot that Dark Sky had the temp. (and option to show the Feels Like) for every 4 hours. That made it a lot quicker to get an idea of the temperature throughout the day than the graph line.
  • The new sunrise/ sunset times are a nice addition to the map, the dawn/ dusk times would also be a great addition


@atides33 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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Hi, glad you found us!
Yes, ‘feels like’ temp is definitely on the list.
More temperatures per day is a bit harder to implement and we aren’t geared towards current conditions.
Dawn/dusk times is a great idea and is also on the to do list.

Thanks for your comments
Sally & Duane