Tick label colors

I’d would be nice if the tick labels on the graphs y-axis would have the same color as the corresponding curve.


That is a new and interesting idea.I like it but will mull over it. Do you think it’ll clash with the data?? E.g., if clouds was grey and the ticks were grey, and clouds were 100% at the tick region, they won’t show. We could add a shadow to the ticks. Also sometimes a tick can be shared, e.g., average wind and wind gusts or temperature and dew-point temperature.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Cheers, Duane.


That’s true. An alternative to shadow would be to xor the ticks with area graph, but shadow would also be good.

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Good idea.

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Deleted my comment as I was unable to edit it. Anyhow I miss read the question. I’m sure it’s a simple answer but at times with my back pain it’s hard to think. I’ll use wind as an example} Data/line color for wind is Green and the Numbers/y-ticks You want them to be Green?

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