Tide graph

Any possibility of adding tide cycle to the graphing options?



I had tides high on my to-do list but it got quite complex since tides tables with absolute tide heights are only available in some locations and some regions in the world. Generally, apps will find the closest tide location within a certain radius.

If on the other hand, you’re happy with the lunar/sun tide cycles, i.e., the gravity on the earth, this can be computed anywhere in the world and plotted on the map and graph.

Tides are quite different from the standard weather data we currently show. This is why it’s a bit of work to add.

Given the list of major features in order of least to most difficult:

  • another data source
  • hurricane paths
  • radar
  • sunrise/set and moon rise/set/phase
  • tides cycles based on sun/moon gravity
  • satellite cloud images
  • lightning
  • earthquakes
  • tides with absolute heights

I was wanting tides in Flowx for my own use but in the end it was far easier to install a tide app :slight_smile:

Cheers, Duane.


I came here, signed up and logged in just to say this: I’d be happy with lunar/solar tide cycles. I just want to know if the kids will have a good time at the beach. Yes, I can see that in a simple tide app, but just wish I could see it all on the same graph, along with temperature, wind and cloud cover. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks and welcome to the forum. It’s good to know because the sun and lunar cycles are much easier to develop.


This is what I use currently:

Doesn’t seem like it does any modern forecasting either, by the regularity of the curve, just good ole astronomy from antiquity. It does show some absolute heights there, but all I look at really are the min and max times (and relate them to my memory of what low and high tide look like at our beach).

What I’m envisioning is pretty much just a boring sinoidal blue curve across that monkey’s wedding chart.



Found what I wanted here (looks like it will be kid-friendly at the beach today ~3pm: ± warm, low tide, no rain, moderate UV):

It’s pretty busy, and could be better done, but it sure combines the info I was looking for to see on a single chart.

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