Tides! 😆

Judging from how other app devs struggle to implement tidal data, I’m guessing this might be a reach, never mind featuritus.

However should ever the idea strike your fancy , a zillion fishermen, clam diggers,
sailors, submariners, surfers, beach combers, cyclists, birdwatchers, besotted ne’er-do-wells, nudists & dogs(same) would beat a path to your door.

That’s my forecast.

:heart: “weather bomb” 4ever



@pseudogrammaton Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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I would love to do tides since I use them too but it is hard to collate all the data. I have an alternative plan that uses the sun and moon but it’ll require a bit of research.


@duane You’re Awesome Brother Keep Up the Hard Work it’s Greatly Appreciated. :beers::beers:

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Tides are useless to most of the world’s population.
A bespoke Tides app is a better idea. Loading up a super app like Flowx with something most will never use is a bad idea. Slows development on useful weather features and inevitably introduces bugs.
This app is FREE and accurate.
Tides - Apps on Google Play
I’ve used it for years all over the globe

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The Creator of the App Added it for His friends and family and Boaters Find The info Usful. goes back to the old saying you can’t please everyone. We Try to Keep Things Positive on the Forum Thanks

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