Timescale to hours

Is it possible te set timescale to hours instead of days?


Not at this stage. There hasn’t been any need until radar.

The weather simulation data typically has 3 hours between each time point, i.e., there are only 8 time points across a day. Some like HRRR and Aprege have 1 hour time points.

With the recently added radar, the time points are every 10 minutes.

But Flowx is best for the big picture and long term forecast so I don’t understand the need for less than one day. Can you explain why you want less than one day?


I like the long term forecast and i made a widget for it. Very nice.
But i also want to make a short term widget where i can see the temperatures and rain forecast by the hout for one day: this way i can see at what time it is hottest and what is time it is raining on a day (actual day mostly) without having to “scroll” on the map…

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Oh, I misunderstood your question. Just edit place and set the number of days to “1”.

Be aware, there are just predictions for what’s happening in the day. The simulations are based on an incomplete set of measured data when it’s started and takes 4-5 hours to solve. So by the time you get the forecast, it’s already 6 hours out of date.

It is important to understand the difference between measured current conditions, simulations forecasts and Model Output Statistics (MOS).

Please read What is Flowx? and Why are the temperatures wrong?


When making a one day widget it would be nice to have some time markings. It doesn’t have to be every hour, but some time indication would be helpful.


@Chris1 Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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Hi and welcome!

@Chris1 You have the thin lines every 6 hours.
Do you mean they you want numbers along with that as well, or more lines, or both?

I had never noticed these small lines before! They are really faint on my screen, but now you’re pointed them out I can make them out. I suggest making them a little bolder, but this is exactly what I wanted.

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I know that this is easy to

And I also know what Duane will answer:

What @Ohan said :slight_smile: