Transfer Gold subscription from Android to iPad

Hi All,

and sorry for my English.

After installing the app on an Android phone and activating the Gold subscription, I would like to transfer that subscription to my iPad or, if possible, use it on both devices.

I would like to point out that on the mobile phone I should still be in the trial period activated immediately after purchase.

Can you kindly provide me with instructions on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.



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You can’t transfer your subscription between Android and Apple. In the future I plan to implement sharing of subscriptions between platforms but that’s a way off.

If you’ve had a trial or a purchase in the past, you can’t get a trial again.

If you email me, I can sort out refunds and we can look at how you can get pro on both Android and Apple.

Cheers, Duane.


Hi Duane,

and thanks for the answer.

Sorry but i’m new on this forum. Can you help me to find your mail address or to find the way to write a mail to you via this forum? I searched in your profile without luck.





That’s the way it should be.

Just call the bat-phone via “Feedback” > “Contact Dev” in the side menu. Don’t tell anyone.