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Hello All…

i’m trying to collect all labels without or with misunderstanding translations.

for now, this is a “map”, based on my actual Flowx Installed: i don’t know if there’s a Translator Template that i should follow.

OK - KO the label status.
(suggested) the label suggested.

Opening FlowX.

=-------Hamburger menu-------=

places user defined.
places user defined.
places user defined.
KO - Aggiungi luogo (suggested: Aggiungi Località)

KO - Editore (suggested: “Personalizza”)
KO - Pro Version (suggested: “Abbonamenti”)
OK - Commenti
OK - Impostazioni
OK - Aiuto


=-------Upper Left 3 dots menu-----=

OK - Condividi
OK - Aggiorna
KO - Edit Data (suggested: “Scegli Dati”)
KO - Modifica Luogo (suggested: “Modifica Località”)
OK - Elimina Località
OK - Informazioni


=----- Hamburger SUB ITEMS ----------=

Hamburger ----> MENU ----> Editore
KO - Luoghi (suggested: “Riordina Località”)
OK - Grafici (suggested: “Editor Grafici”)

Hamburger ----> MENU ----> Pro Version
KO - Bronze Pro Subscription (suggested: “Abbonamento Pro BRONZE”)
KO - Silver Pro Subscription (suggested: “Abbonamento Pro SILVER”)
KO - Gold Pro Subscription (suggested: “Abbonamento Pro GOLD”)

(naming subscriptions with the same english names will prevent misunderstanding)

three dots upper right Subscription
KO - Redeem code (suggested: “Riscatta Codice”)

Hamburger ----> MENU ----> Commenti

OK - Valuta la App
KO - Go to Forum (suggested: “Vai al Forum”)
KO - Contact FlowX (suggested: “Contatta FlowX”)
KO - Send Debug Log (suggested: “Invia Log di Debug”)

Hamburger ----> MENU ----> Impostazioni

KO == Appearance (suggested:“Personalizzazione visiva”)
KO ---- App Theme (suggested:“Tema App”)
OK ------|___Scuro
OK ------|___Chiaro

KO - Widget Theme (suggested:“Tema Widget”)
OK ------|___Scuro
OK ------|___Chiaro

OK - Dimensioni Testo del Widget
OK ------|___Piccolissimo
OK ------|___Piccolo
OK ------|___Normale
OK ------|___Medio
OK ------|___Grande

KO - Map Style (suggested: “Tipo Cartografia”)
OK ------|___ (all Map Style items.)

KO - Animation level (suggested: “Qualità Animazioni”)
KO --|___none (suggested: “Nessuna”)
KO --|___Low (suggested: “Bassa”)
KO --|___Medium (suggested: “Media”)
KO --|___High (suggested: “Alta”)

KO - FullScreen Mode (suggested: “A Tutto Schermo”)

OK ========= Unità
OK ----- all units to be choosed
OK ----- all units to be choosed
OK ----- all units to be choosed
OK ----- all units to be choosed

KO ========= Scaricati (suggested: “Scaricamento Dati”)
OK ----- Allow Mobile Data (suggested: “usa Dati Mobile”)

OK ----- Server
OK ---------|____Server submenu items

OK ========= Impostazioni Avanzate

KO ----- Time Stepping (suggested: “Scorrimento Temporale”)
OK ---------|____1 Minute (suggested: “Ogni minuto”)
OK ---------|____5 Minutes (suggested: “Step di 5 minuti”)
OK ---------|____10 Minutes (suggested: “Step di 10 minuti”)
OK ---------|____15 Minutes (suggested: “Step di 15 minuti”)
OK ---------|____30 Minutes (suggested: “Step ogni mezzora”)
OK ---------|____1 Hour (suggested: “Step di un’ora”)

KO ----- Use Low Resolution Data (suggested: “Usa Bassa Risoluzione”)
KO --------- Reduces the spatial and time resolution
KO --------- for smaller downloads
(suggested: “Riduce il traffico dati scaricando aree più piccole e minor range temporale”)

KO ----- World View (Beta) (suggested:“Vista completa della Terra (Beta)”)
KO --------- Warning: More Downloads (suggested:“Attenzione: Maggior consumo dati”)

KO ----- Export (suggested:“Esportazioni”)
OK ---------|____all Export submenu items

KO ----- Import (suggested:“Importa”)

OK ----- Debug Logging
KO ----- Send debug Log (suggested:“Invia Log di Debug”)
KO ----- Check RainViewer (suggested:“Controllo App RainViewer”)


Thanks for all that.

A couple of things to note:

  1. the size of phones can be small so be aware of space.
  2. the Editors are editor, not really personalisations or settings. You use the editor to create and edit themes, graphs, etc…

I’ll add these in the next release. Some of those settings might disappear too.

Cheers, Duane.


If you would a tester with a small phone, i show up.
I have a Xperia X Compact, 4.6" of screen with 1280x720, android 8.1.
Today i doubt there’s a smaller phone, i would have bought it.

“Editore” , in italian, is a concept very far from IT or a “creation area”. Is the translation of a kind of “newspaper publisher”.
I think i will post this evening for a more suitable translation.



You would be surprised. Once I was maintaining a server at $60 USD per year for one user who was on Android 4.1, he was paying $2/yr. I turned it off and he complained. This was back when Flowx pulled in a whole $150 USD per month :slight_smile:

Good call regarding “editor”, I will trust your call on this and other translations :slight_smile: