Unexpected colours; CMCHRDPS truncates

I’m seeing both, so they might be related.

CMC HRDPS only runs two days into the future (which is correct for the data source, and the available data appears correct and renders properly for the two days available); the display used to then pick up CMC GDPS for the remainder of the 10 days in the graph. That stopped as of (I think) three days ago; I’m on 3.214. CMC GDPS works on its own; all the other data sources work on their own. CMS RDPS (with the same 2-day range) does the same thing; no transition to the GDPS data past 2 days.

The rainfall view has acquired a blocky look, black and really dark blue colours and red outlines. That could be in the data (though the colour scale doesn’t have all those colours!) but it seems like a change and it might not be an intentional change.


Ahh yes, silly me. HRDPS and RDPS falls back to GDPS when unavailable. I replaced GDPS with GDPS 15km and forgot to update the fall backs.

I’ll fix this ASAP. Very silly me.