Upcoming Developments

Major Features:

  • Radar (~due early July)
  • Sub-menus (~mid July) - ability to group similar data icon, e.g., clouds with total cloud, low, mid and high cloud, or waves with height, direction and period.
  • Secret feature #2 (mid July) - gotta create some anticipation and surprise)
  • OpenZones (mid July) - where Flowx opens up all data in disaster regions, e.g., a hurricane hitting Florida.
  • Finish scales and colour spectrums
  • Fix widget updates on Android 9+
  • GPX tracks
  • a better graph editor
  • theme editor
  • add/remove/edit the number gauges above the map.

Minor Features:

  • better swipe speed settings.
  • Scheduled nightly job to delete old data. The current approach is not optimal.
  • Prioritize downloads, e.g., graph downloads first, then visible data downloads, then the rest.

If this gets old, remind me by email to update it


@duane Sweet Can’t wait :+1::+1: :open_mouth: but that’s a Big List