Upcoming Developments

Major Features:

  • Radar (~due early July)
  • Sub-menus (~mid July) - ability to group similar data icon, e.g., clouds with total cloud, low, mid and high cloud, or waves with height, direction and period.
  • Secret feature #2 (mid July) - gotta create some anticipation and surprise)
  • OpenZones (mid July) - where Flowx opens up all data in disaster regions, e.g., a hurricane hitting Florida.
  • Finish scales and colour spectrums
  • Fix widget updates on Android 9+
  • GPX tracks
  • a better graph editor
  • theme editor
  • add/remove/edit the number gauges above the map.

Minor Features:

  • better swipe speed settings.
  • Scheduled nightly job to delete old data. The current approach is not optimal.
  • Prioritize downloads, e.g., graph downloads first, then visible data downloads, then the rest.

If this gets old, remind me by email to update it


@duane Sweet Can’t wait :+1::+1: :open_mouth: but that’s a Big List

Can we get a play button so that the radar loops and is not only manual, maybe with the ability to choose the time frame as well

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@Ekap Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for using Flowx

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Hi @Ekap,

A “play button” is something I’ve avoided adding since it’s a complex feature and replicates an existing function.

I call it complex because people will want different speeds, a time range to replay over (you might want to only view radar but have 7 days set), and a loop vs swing back and forward. You’ll also need a dialog pop-up to set these. If you select “Share” in the top-right menu and create a movie, you’ll see what I mean.

Compare this to the simplicity of the swipe function.

I also get frustrated with them - when you see something of interest and want to check what day/time it happens, it’s already gone past the time.

This feature has been requested a few times but it’s unlikely to be added since I haven’t seen a convincing or compelling reason for the feature.

Just an indication on how I choose features to add. I’m a solo developer so I can only do one thing at a time so I choose things based on time to implement and the impact (and how fun it is). Let’s say it’ll take a week to implement a play button and a week to add another data source, clearly the data source is more valuable than the play button - so it’ll be selected.

Hope that explains things.

Ha, ha, I just looked at my list and dates. I didn’t expect the “building the house” to take that much of an impact. I’m kind-of working on submenus now.

Cheers, Duane.


I understand. Your reasons all make sense. I love this app (Even paid for the Gold because I love the extra data sources). I figured it would be neat so that when I show your app to friends and family it would be easier than showing them how to swipe and that it correlates with the time. It would also take the app to the mass consumer level of having customizable ‘play’ settings… Being able to select speed and range. Just a thought if you can get around to it. Keep up the good work, we love your app!


I don’t mean to be a wet-blanket, but “play” settings will not tip the needle one bit. Many times I’ve added a feature thinking “this will do it” and the result was underwhelming.

The best example of this was my “Eclipse” feature which showed the shadow of the eclipse passing over USA as you swiped. You could view this with clouds and find the best place to view the solar eclipse. This was the first and only app/website to offer this feature. Surely, this would do it. It’s so relevant. I worked on it for over a month, release and NOTHING!! I posted it on forums and posted videos on YouTube - still nothing. It felt like tumble weeds were rolling by. One of the major reasons was that most viewers were on Apple. But the number of Android users that appeared to use it was less than 10, probably less than 5.

The only things I’ve seen to tip the needle are new data sources, increasing the prices (this surprised me), online articles mentioning Flowx, and better prompting for the Pro version.

I used to think “low price = high volume = profit” so I had Flowx at $2/year and we made little growth. Then I changed it to $5/y, $10/yr and $20/yr, and we got much higher growth. I think the reason is that people thought Flowx sounds cheap , and hence not good, at $2/yr.

Cheers, Duane.