Update 24.11.2021->23.11.2021 Release 3.352 rejectet on Android 8.1

Today I saw that an update of the app is waiting to be installed.
As it is not automatic, I clicked on manual installation.

Then it was rejected with the message “This app is no longer compatible with your device.”
This, although the basic requirement is only Android 5 or higher.

Can you please check if this is a general problem.
THX Harald


Do you own a Moto G5? I removed support for the Moto G5 because the phone has a bug that caused Flowx to lockup and drain battery. I own a Moto G5 and have seen it but the bug is so rare that I can’t catch it and fix it. This doesn’t happen on other phones which is why I think it’s to do with the phone hardware.

I got some angry emails and 1-star reviews so I decided to stop supporting the phone.


Yes, you are right. I use a Moto g5 plus. And really, I recognized sometimes battery drain.
But this won’t worry me: I will change to Moto g100 in some weeks.



If you see the battery drain, the only way I’ve found to fix it is to restart the phone - unfortunately.