V3.302 Minor Bugs? and Questions?

Good morning Duane and Brian,
(And Ohan)…
Hope all are in good health as 2020 ends and a new year begins. I did my best to avoid Covid, fires, and murder hornets. Hopefully you did also…
Another New England Winter on it’s way…Oh boy…

Great work Duane over the past year…Onto v3.302

  1. Did we lose the quick double tap on time to align the cursor to current time? I hope not, (that was handy).
  2. Depending on what selections you have chosen,
    (with time in the left most position) the right most digits of time will be over written… This only shows up if you have selected “verbose” choices like precip, snow, and pressure…(how about precip and snow displayed as hundredths instead of thou’s)
  3. Choosing date/time just mucks it up more…
    ( 8Dec maybe???)
  4. Nothing to do with v3.302 but…
    In the icon row where you select the data layers for the map… You have the 1k and 4k in Pac Mans mouth.
    Can we have a C for Composite and a R for Reflectivity?
  5. On the Info screen…Can you fix the UTC overwrite into the next forecast??? (Gave you a year on that one).

Thanks again Duane…Hope your family and house are safe and well…
It’s winter and I’ll be seeing you soon…
Cee from New Hampshire…


Ha, ha, yes, 2021 is so going to be a better year :slight_smile: 2020 has set a low bar and hopefully we don’t stoop lower.

Thanks for numbering the bugs :slight_smile:

  1. yes, Sally pointed this out this morning. I’ll fix it in the next release which will follow soon after. I’m expecting a few emails over this one.

  2. Can you include a screenshot. I have thought about adding “thou” and “pt” (hundredth) but I think the solution is that you guys catch up to 2021 and adopt the metric system :wink:

  3. Yes, I know. I plan to add edit mode where you can choose modifiers for data - for time this would be the formatting.

  4. Can you explain more, i.e., the difference between composite and reflectivity. My understanding was that they are both reflectivity. Composite means multiple layers/heights are merged??

  5. Explain more, maybe a screenshot?

Thanks for the good wishes. Same to you and the family and friends. Hope we all have a great Christmas and 2021 is better.


Hi @Cee! Welcome back to the forum!



I think that Cee refers to that of the 4 radar icons, two of them have text, and two of them are without text and thus are identical. Se image below:

@Cee, is this what you mean?

Edit: it show how different people interpret things they read differently - I totally didn’t think the same as @Ohan.


Regardless if that was what Cee ment or not,
I think it would be good to not have two different data sets being represented by identical icons.

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I don’t have an issue with it I remember what I add and what order so I don’t even look at the icons after they are added and arranged. :+1::+1:


Should we have “RV” in the rainviewer one and/or “P” for predicted or “C” for composite in the NOAA one?

Do we have predicted radar?

My vote is on

But that R more accurately stands for RainViewer.

NAM and HRRR has predicted radar. Anything in the future is predicted.


Ah, yes they have.

I’m still looking forward to the day (if it comes) when flowx have predicted radar outside of the US.