Video Capture format not showing up on video search

This is a “very low bug” i think.
Any capable user can avoid this issue manually opening the video, converting it with another software and use it with flavours.

But why my phone cant share the original mp4? Neither Album (sony app for gallery) nor whatsapp or Twitter show generated movies, and if i do the manual search, the file shows up grayed out (see screenshot).

Perhaps is Android 8.1 that lacks support for this codec?

Thanks for all!


No such problems with Android 10.

The video file shows up under Movies/Flowx, in MP4 format, and can be posted, as an attachment, in WhatsApp.


@Alex Thanks You must type faster than me :joy: was just about to hit reply when I seen your reply pop up :joy::joy::joy: I’m using Android 9


The recording in Flowx is based on this library:
HB Recorder

It’s pretty well tested and used. I might be a codec issue on Sony. You could try other screen recorder apps and see if the issue happens on others.

Cheers, Duane.


Thanks for your feedback @duane, @BrianLY-38 and @Alex .

I downloaded the demo app from github, and trying to save a file with custom settings and H.263 (the codec that i saw used by your implementation) is all fine, the video is saved and shows up into gallery.

I will try to play tetris with demoapp settings for further analysis.



After creating a video with same properties than Flowx do, i began to minds on the storing location.

If i record a Flowx video, then i move out the video from /movies/flowx using any File Manager, my phone recognize it as a movie and index it. It come up on Twitter “last used video list”, shows up on Album… Then, if the video is moved to the original directory, it maintains visibility, playability and is sharable.

That behaviour is not reproducible using the Demo App, movies created by this app are immediatly indexed and shows up on phone media apps.

Bah. Mysterium

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So it’s not a codec issue? Maybe I should save the video to the public Movies folder. What do you think?


Only if any other user raises the same issue… My phone is starting to be old and naughty


@Khronos :thinking::hushed::rofl:


Is it possible to have an option to export as video or an animated GIF? A GIF might be a workaround of this particular issue and it would also solve a problem I have where the video is compressed automatically by my messaging app (Signal) before sharing.

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An animated GIF is possible but it’ll still be recording to a MP4 first, then I’d have to find a library to convert the MP4 to an animated GIF. It’s been on the todo list for ages but not a high priority at the moment.