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Thank you for a great app.

The flowx is great, but weather providers stink.

When I’m looking a weather map for a place A and second location B just few miles apart - from the same provider at the same time, cloud cover and rain map are totally different above whole region. This is not possible in reality.

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@Ted629 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx


The weather providers are the best in the world. These weather simulations are the best humans have made - ever.

The problem is that people have the wrong expectations. They think these models should be accurate. They are now. But they are improving all the time.

If the models were accurate, there would only one weather simulation that would be solved once. Instead hundreds of millions are spent to solve dozens of models from various meteorological organizations several times a day.

I firmly state this because many meteorologists, computers scientists, engineers put a lot of effort into their work to create, as I’ve said, the best weather prediction made by humans ever. And to call them “stink” providers is not fair.

If you think something doesn’t make sense, post some screenshots and we can look at them. It might be a bug or there might be a simple explanation or what you’re expecting is beyond the limitations of the weather simulations.


actually it is possible as radar takes slices as it spins around and the returns it receives depends on particals it bounces off closer to storm center will have a higher return than the outer portions.




I’ve selected various nearby locations then taken screenshots and compared side-by-side.

Sorry, can’t duplicate your observations.

Maybe due to actual, real, topographic differences. But unlikely that the model is the root cause


Hi! @Ted629
Are you sure it actually was the


As Duane said:

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