Webpage foto upload limits

Today I wanted to upload a screenshot, which I converted to a 934x1920 png file with a resulting file size of 1700kB

This resulted in the following error message :sunglasses:

Do you really mean kb ( kilo bit ) ???

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Ahhhh, this is a forum default setting. I’ll see if I can find it and increase it.

I have seen this before and converted it to a jpg. I didn’t pick up the “kilo bit” part.


4096 kb (kilo bits) equals to 4096/8 kB = 512 kB ( kilo Bytes)

The screenshot resized to 389 X 800 has a file-size of 407kB and was finally accepted for upload …

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png file uses a lossless compression method and resulting file size is much more efficient than jpg

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PNG is typically more efficient for lossless but JPG is more efficient for lossy compression which is typically fine for us.

I’ve updated the server to accept 10MB file and the forum software to accept larger files. The forum setting was confusing because it says both “kb” and “kB”.

We’ll see how we go.


Works :hugs:


@tiwag good job there noticing this!

I’ve also been struck by this problem several times.


I’ve been waiting for a solution for this.