Wet bulb temperature

I don’t think any weather service actually gives wet bulb temperature but it is supposed to be calculable. (Via Ugly Math.)

It’s a better measure (I think) of “when should I consider exercising today?” than the various “feels like” temperatures the weather services do provide; if it’s 35 C wet bulb, no, do not exercise, and the closer to that one gets the less of a good idea exercise would be.

Being able to add a readout value or a graph line for wet bulb would be very welcome.

We did them all the time when I was a Firefighter

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I do have wind chill and “feels like” temperatures on the list since there are clear (easy) equations for these.

I’ll add “wet bulb” to the list.

I hope to one day allow users to define equations. Maybe I should get them to send me MathML files.