What happened to the forum button in the app?

The forum button in the app seams to have disappeared. Is that on purpose?

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It automatically disappears 20 days after you first see it. In the next release, which is just rolling out now, there will be links in the Help and Feedback option.

In the meantime: forum.flowx.io … as I was writing this line, I realised this is a bit redundant :slight_smile:


Could you please add the forum shortcut also to the info screen?

I find myself performing the two fast taps of first the 3-dot-menue, then at info (partly to check my current version number), and than especting a forum shortcut there,

just to realize that I’m still 5 taps and a long scroll away from the “shortcut”. (Is it a shortcut if it’s far away from where you are?)

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I added a shortcut to my home screen :grin:

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The info dialog is not the right place for the forum link. If we put the forum link there, then the help link (and other things) should be there too.

The info dialog is for information and status about the data.

The forum link is in the Help section and in the Feedback option - 3 clicks away.