Widget keeps deleted place

Android 12
I deleted a place in the app. I believe I swiped up (to close/whatever Android does with swiped up apps) shortly after.

The widget kept the deleted place with full widget info. Everytime I opened the app via the widget it would open to said place (makes sense). I moved the widget and pressed refresh in the lower corner and then noticed that it kept the old location but lost the info and now shows dashes for temp and no graphic info.

I’m going to restart the phone when though I know I have recently. Then I’ll head into app data in system manager and delete that.


Ok… After restart, it produced the graphic info but not temperature data.

Off to remove app data and see.


So I cleared the data and then I opened the app via the icon instead of kissing on the widget and the widget no longer shows the deleted location.

In retrospect, I bet just closing the app and opening the app from icon would have done the job of removing the deleted place.

Sorry for the double barrel troubleshooting.

Love your work.


Yeah, if you delete a place associated with the widget, it can cause some odd behaviour.

It’s best to delete the widget and recreate it with the wanted place.