Widget Update Issues and Fix

Hi all,

Recently, the widget has sporadically stopped updating, especially on Android 9 Pixel/2/3 phones. I think it’s due to Android’s aggressive battery saving in Android 8 and 9.

Because of this I’ve decided to rewrite the widget updating code from scratch to use the latest approaches. Hopefully this will fix all the issues surrounding the widget.

I would like to keep working on other features (radar, more data sources) at the same time so this will take some weeks to complete and it will add new bugs but we can fix those over time. It one of those “take a step backwards to step forwards” things.

Please be patient.

Cheers, Duane.


Yay, version 3.208 is in beta with the new automatic widget update process.

Try it out and watch that it’s updating every 30 minutes.

If you see issues, go into the settings and turn on “Foreground Widget Updates”.

If you want bonus points, reset the battery optimization settings for Flowx in the Android settings, then monitor the widget updates.

Please let me know how you go over the next few days, whether positive or negative. I’d really like to know before releasing to productions.

I really hope this is the solution and thanks for your super patience.

Cheers, Duane.