Wind barbs and other requests(Answered/Discussed)

Good evening,

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time and considerable effort for making this app. The control method is so obviously simple it’s brilliant!

Now, onto my own personal requests. I appreciate these are only my own personal requests and might not have any weight behind them.

I’m colour blind, quite badly and the colour gradients don’t really work for me. The steps one is the best and so I was wondering if it was possible to add wind barbs indicating strength. That way us colour blind freaks are not desperately trying to work out the speed!

Is it possible to edit the data bar under the top graph for the data displayed there? I’m not interested in some of the data there and with a tablet I’ve got the screen real estate to view the stuff I am.

The fixed central point, as a sailor I’m looking where I’m going from start to end so it’ll be handy to be able to move it. This might not be possible for just my needs I appreciate!

And lastly, forecast models such as PWG/PWE/GFS and the very costly ECMWF, are these on the roadmap?

I’m happy to pay a lump sum one off cost to help?


Okay, I’ve found the answer to ECMWF (100,000!!!) and GFS is the NOAA model?


@Keiron Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. Great Questions/Requests @duane Will have the answer I can’t provide


@Keiron Yes GFS is NOAA and the new standard US Model


Hi @Keiron,

Wind bards and editing the data gauges are on the todo list. In fact, I did start the editing gauges but didn’t finish it. It’s just a matter of time - or the lack of time.

You can pan the map with a double finger drag on the screen.

Yes, Predict Wind and ECMWF costs a bit to buy and it’s not clear there are enough users to cover the cost.

Where do you sail? There is the Expedition Marine data that covers various regions. I also plan to add OpenWRF and OpenSkiron data as some stage.

Cheers, Duane.


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Thanks for moving the thread Bryan, apologies I was on a tablet and I don’t find them the easiest to type on.

Thank you for answering Duane, I appreciate the time it takes and it is great to know that the requests are already in hand and I understand your time is precious. The data bar would be great to change as for example, I personally prefer, for my use, to know the wind-gust which can be very different from the wind-speed sometimes.

I understand about the panning the map, but when planning a course I move the map so I can see the whole course and then I thought it might be nice to look at the weather at the start/middle/end without having to re-pan. Again, it might only be me that finds that useful.

I completely understand about the models, I didn’t know enough to appreciate the additional financial burden, but I am convinced as soon as more sailors find FlowX your revenue will improve! I’m doing my best to point everyone in your direction.

Another thought, I have been reading old threads and didn’t know compare even existed so I can now double tap to change the model. Would it be any benefit to put the data bars underneath the graphs and allow scrolling? People could then directly compare the models over the changing days quite easily from the data bars and graphs?

I’m going to keep you busy :slight_smile:

P.S. The Caribbean is the area I’m mainly interested in. But, since using FlowX I find myself looking all around the world. I still only use Windy now to view the isobars, but I think that helps with being colour blind and I can work out the areas better.


Regarding the start/mid/end of race, I had an idea of setting a route with way-point times or estimated speed, then plotting the graphs based on the position along the route.

What do you mean by “data bars under the graph”? What are the “data bars”? Do you mean in the compare page??

I don’t show graphs from different models with the map because is causes confusion. This happened in the past. A user emailed about the graph not matching what they saw on the map, after hours of debugging, I noticed he was comparing the GDPS graph to the GFS map data.


BTW, notice Expedition Marine has some data around Antigua.


+1 on this!

Assuming that you mean to in the compare page, below every graph, put the bar with temp, wind speed and persepetation…