Wind direction in-graphs

The difference between wind gusts and wind speed, is just great in graphs. The wind direction visuals on map, are fantastic!

Now I find myself desireing to see wind direction in graphs as two selectable options: north/south and east/west. Seems they should appear like the “warm front” and “cold front” do, as deviations from the variable “wind speed” or maybe additional ones for “wind gust”. I can’t be sure how awesome this actually would be… but I feel, it could be.

For my area, a wind from the north or east, means hot-hot weather. To have a graph of a week of time, which at-a-glace, helps me interpret wind direction could help me understand something more, I haven’t yet recognized.

I value the current implementations but secretly, I just want more shaded graph values like “warm front” / “cold front”… in different colors.

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Hi @FlowxLloyd,

Wind directions is something I’ve wanted to add for ages and have tried to find a clever way to render it.

The simplest approach is arrows, but I felt that was clunky.

The alternative was using colors:

  • blue = north (or south, depending where the cold air comes from)
  • red = south (or north)
  • green = west
  • magenta = east.

The theme editor is high on the list. I can’t change the colors in the code, I will get a lot of shouting from users.

Cheers, Duane.


@duane just my thoughts. Sounds like a can of worms cause of the colors of warm and cold fronts and other item colors in the graphs unless one adds a separate graph for wind. Some not including myself could start complaining about not being able to tell the difference between items on the graphs. I’m all for changes and upgrades but not at the risks of creating complaints and extra work for you.

Oh wow. Clever! But not as graph lines, as a rainbow background!

I knew after-the-fact I had requested colored wind gust “fronts style” graph lines and shades (come on @duane teach me another new word, what are graph line shades called? i.e. “cold front”. I shall henceforth call them “hindlines” until corrected) I realized this wasn’t a simple wind direction only request because you need two numerical values to generate a “hindline”, hence it was a wind gust direction “hindline” request.

But Smack Me In The Hindquarters!! You did it! You could make this a simple wind direction graph implementation if you created a dynamic graph background. A four colored rainbow background (probably configurable in a theme editor for the “hindheads”).

And wow! Not sure how just yet… But this could be an extensible feature-add: Dynamic Graph Backgrounds Colors. Let’s think: dynamic shades of grey based on cloud height; white background for snow blue for rain; my favorite would be “my” custom dew point scale (oh my gosh! The “Edit Scales (Beta)” could get a drop-down to select which graph to add the scale too, as a dynamic background!!!)

Wow. Head exploded

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I very much like this dynamic background colour idea.

Yes, either or. We can try out different concepts of this idea and hopefully the answer will be obvious.

We too have to be careful otherwise Flowx might explode and fall apart. In the early days, I added nearly every idea that came up or was suggested and Flowx became a mess. It was like a house held together with duct-tape. I would add a door on one side and a window or roof tile would fall off.


wouldn’t it be possible to just place the arrows on the graph, as done in other meteograms like e.g.

Yes, this is on the super-long-to-do list. It would cool to have a continuous display of direction so the graphs are not cluttered with arrows.

I like the colored bar idea. For me in the southern hemisphere:
Northerlies are cold = blue
Southerlies are warm = red
Easterlies (trade winds) = green
Westerlies = pink.

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