Wind flow not adjusting to zoom out

Sometimes when I zoom in and zoom back out, the moving lines showing wind speed and direction do not adjust to the larger map size and remain concentrated. Once I had that, plus some lines showed up on one side of the screen:

Anyone else seen this?

Yes. I see it too!

Hi all,

This is a known bug bug. This is what it looks like:

Unfortunately, I don’t see this bug on any of my phones so I cannot replicate it and fix it.

So I need your help. If you see this bug, please post here with:

  • phone model
  • Android version
  • the steps to replicate the bug, if you know them

Cheers, Duane.

I think @Ohan is the winner.

Turn on wind streams, zoom in, change data source, then zoom out.

I can replicate it. So I can look into fixing it.

If you see a different approach to replicate it, please share.

Cheers, Duane.


I don’t need to change data sources.

Zoom out to max. Zoom in to a few hundred miles up/down. Zoom out. I can get other interesting patterns. And it certainly isn’t specific to my normal location:

Galaxy S8+ SM-G955U1

Android 9

Patch Level March 1, 2019

Baseband version G955U1UEU5DSC1

Kernel version 4.4.153

Welcome to the world of software development. Some bugs are just plain difficult. Wind streamlines are a particularly complex feature of Flowx, possibly the most complex. I think I might need to rewrite part of it - not something I look forward too.

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