Windspeed rescaling

Right now, it looks like the wind speed graph amplitude in “Sailor’s Delight” is fixed.

I have “Labels (start)” set to pressure, and “Labels (end)” set to wind.

(I have speed units set to m/s, which might have something to do with it.)

So right now, in the boreal spring, there’s a whole day on the graph where to the left, there’s the windspeed line going up very steeply, and then to the right, into the next day, there’s the windspeed line coming down again. It would be nice to see how high it gets without sliding the now-line over.

Getting very fancy, it might be possible shade the line out of its default (at least for Sailor’s Delight) green into amber, orange, or red depending on how much scaling was required to get it all on the graph? Possibly by speed? So perhaps the 10 m/s or less line segments are green, the > 10 m/s and <=20 m/s sections are amber, >20 and <= 30m/s are orange, and >30 m/s segments are red.

That sounds pretty hard now that I type it out. Changing the colour of the scale numbers (currently (apparently) fixed at 5 and 10) would be plenty; the thing I’m most concerned about would be a continuous wind speed graph line.

Yes, this is a common request and is high on my todo list.

I think the easiest/simplest solution is to allow the user to set the scale range.

Cheers, Duane.

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