Z flip 5

Flowx on the cover of a Galaxy Z Flip 5, superb responsive design, thanks!


@Svc That’s Awesome Thanks for Sharing :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Thanks @Svc
Have you increased the font because some of the text doesn’t fit.

Do you think the font for the days, scalebar, place label and map label (“Precipitation”) should be decreased or be independent of the other text? In other words, only increase the text of the gauges and hi/lo temps?


I didn’t change any font sizes, it’s just a 3.4 inch screen.

This is what it looks like on the main 6.7 inch screen.

I’m happy with font size on the small screen because the elements are then still easily clickable. Maybe the top blue bar could be narrower to take less space.
Overall, the app is one of the best in scaling down to this screen size and be still useable comparable to almost any other apps I have.

The only elements that don’t seem to scale well are the sun/moon.


Ahh, now I get it. This is phone has two screens. Interesting.

It’ll be quite cool to have only the graphs or only the map on this screen with the ability to easily switch between them.

Unfortunately, this might have to be a way in the future project - unless these phones get super popular.