Bug? On Amazon Fire tablet

I’ve been a little bugged for a while because “my location” placed me somewhere in Brazil (I’m in Boston). Recently (duh) I figured out that setting “travel mode” on makes things work the way I expected – actual location comes up when started, widget shows my actual location, etc). Not sure if this is just some weird artifact of the Amazon environment, not a big deal (especially now), but just thought I’d mention it.

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So it could be something in your connection that claims to be in Brazil.

Or it could be connected to another bug related to the issue of that sometimes:

@PeterC did you at some point create a location for somewhere in Brazil, and then used that one to turn into “MyLocation” by activating Travel mode on it?

Thanks. Do you use a VPN? This can screw with IP addresses.

Yes, I’m not sure how the app works on the Amazon devices but it should mix the IP address since this is determined from outside the phone.

Cheers, Duane.

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