Expedition Marine Cape Town missing

Expedition Marine Cape Town (LHS screenshot) is missing and replaced by NOAA GFS -25km (RHS screenshot). I thought that perhaps my Pro version had lapsed so I checked my version which did not go well. Note missing map tile at larger zoom. Using Map Style Stamen Terrain

Version check in portrait mode gives an OPPS! message with poorly formatted text to the left. In landscape mode the OPPS! message is readable. Do I have the Pro or some other version? Should OPPS be OOPS?

Pixel 3
Android 12
Flowx v3.357

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Hi @Ferdi.Brenton.on.Sea,

There are three bugs here:

  1. if the fallback to GFS on first open. see: https://forum.flowx.io/t/pro-version-momentarily-reverts-back-to-free-at-app-startup. This should be fixed in version 3.368 which is 25% rolled out to everyone so far.
  2. Connecting to the Google Play store - can you check for the “opps” message once you’ve updated to v3.368?
  3. Expedition Marine isn’t solving at the moment. It’s been down for a day. I know NOAA did some work on their servers recently that can stop the flow of data required to start the Expedition Marine models - maybe this is the cause of the problem. We just have to wait for Expedition Marine on this one.

Cheers, Duane.


Many thanks Duane for the speedy reply. I am happy to await version 3.368 rollout as the app is still perfectly usable and remains my go-to weather app. The missing map tile occurs only with the Stamen Terrain map style and is an aesthetic issue only, being well northeast of my location, it does not detract from the forecast.

Cheers, Ferdi.


Oh, I forgot to mention the missing map tile bug.

If you click refresh twice, turn on “Include Maps”, and force a complete download it should fix this issue. Turn off all data on the map if you want it to be faster.

You could also change your map style in settings. I like the light map.

Cheers, Duane.


Thanks Duane. I like that Refresh double click shortcut - it worked immediately. As the town names are in such miniscule text on the maps, I use the 3D shaded topography of the Stamen Terrain map to know my way around. I love the Mapbox Dark but land areas are a tad too dark to be useful. Expedition Marine is still misbehaving but will no doubt return soon.

Cheers, Fredi.


I agree with names on the maps. One day I plan to bring the map names to the top but that’s quite a hard job.

My Exp. Marine is working now. Looks like Cape Town is updated too.