Graphs not aligned & cloud scroll in HRRR?

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I meant the labels, GFS, NAMM and HRRR lines do not line up

That the lines in the graphs don’t line up is not an issue, it is simply because it is data from two different models. The first one are avaliable for a shorter period of time, and when it ends the graph displays data from a fallback source with a longer forecast.

That the clouds are diapering on the map could be due to that not all the data needed are is downloaded correctly, this can happen when leaving the app on in the background for some time, so that android puts it to sleep, and then it’s hard for flowx to do auto-download of data kn the background properly.

Alternatively that’s can happen if one is zooming in and out fast while flowx is loading data for the various zoom level, then (perhaps depending on your connection speed with the server) the app might still be waiting for downloading data for another zoom level, and/or perhaps time out before the correct data that you are trying to display loaded correctly and completely. Normally there is a countdown while data is being downloaded.

You can try a force refresh, by tapping refresh twice, or by simply restart the app.

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restarted and forced refresh…clouds still now working right.

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Yes I see now what you mean. Seam like a bug,
@duane perhaps related to the change to smaller time step.

Still problems with the clouds after

In settings you can enable “Debug logging”, replicate the bug and then in settings tap “Send debug log”. Email the log along with a description of the problem to Duane (the adress should fill out automatically), so he can more easily investigate.

The next thing then to try then is clearing the cash for the app, and try again.

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Might be a rendering issue the further you zoom out the more that has to get loaded


If you than at any point want to try to reinstall the app, I first recommend reading.

(Things might have shanged in so please let me know it its not up to date.)

@Ohan I removed my last post as I read your original post Sorry

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@Ohan shows I shouldn’t multi task lol was trying to log info update 2 websites and read forum :joy::joy:


The HRRR clouds (and pressure) problem is a bug and I’ll fix it the in the release.

The lines lining up is a known bug but I haven’t tried to find the reason. A forced download seems to fix the issue so I suspect it’s a download/network issue.

Some bugs are not a priority since they can be hard to find, especially random ones, and they tend to be fixed over time as I clean up the code.


I have uninstalled and re-installed twice…how do I do a “forced download”? Can I side load an apk to rule out the google sever?

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There is no such thing as a Google server. All data is served from Flowx servers.

The weird lines thing is a bug which I haven’t found. I think it’s to do with the way I save downloaded data which I plan to improve one day - just a mix up in timing.

Just click refresh twice in the top-right menu to force a download.

Flowx is somewhere between 60k and 100k lines of code written over 8 years. It’s quite complex. As I learn better ways of doing things, I rewrite code and bugs related to the old code disappear. These bugs are usually edge cases I can’t easily find. I have found it is better to spend two days improving parts of the code instead of spending two days trying to find an illusive that you might not find.

This is just an explanation of the way I develop the app. Essentially, it’s about prioritising how time is used to the greatest benefit for most.

Cheers, Duane.


I understand this is a beta.

Are you seeing the same corrupted top graph?..or only on my phone?

There has to be a way to get this back to normal…I’ll even downgrade (or non-beta) I guess if that is the only way. This all seemed to happen when the latest upgrade 15 min HRRR came out and it only affects the HRRR model. Just to clarify again…the lines do line up between the 2 graphs but they should have the same labels on the top corrupted graph…in the logical order of HRRR then NAM then GFS correct?

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Beta or Non-Beta won’t matter.

As far as I can see the data in the graphs are correct. It’s just the labels that are wrong. The labels in the temperature are correct.


I swear I thought it was correct for a minute this morning and a message popped up that some emergency area is now released or something like that then after that message went away it is corrupted or probably it always was and I was seeing things :wink:

Do you or anyone else see this on their phone? Or is this only my phone?

Do you want to send me a profile to import to see if it corrects it?

When on NAM (conus) the NAM and GFS line up correct…only when switching to HRRR does this happen…labels getting out of order…and this happened around the time of the 15 min HRRR upgrade…hmmmm. Can you send me an apk of the version before?..or is the non-beta the version before the 15 min HRRR upgrades?..and if so how can I load htat to see if it corrects it?

Do you see this on your device?

Yes, if choosing a location in USA and the HRRR, then the labels are missalimed in the graphs on the v3.354 for me:

@jojo incase you didn’t see

I’m glad it is not just me. I have found the culprit…
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@jojo I think it’s a little deeper than that cause I don’t have total clouds in my graphs since it’s not effecting the overall function of the app it’ll get fixed later on.

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