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Hi @tiwag!
It’s very good that you have taken your time to do a


I’m completely on bord with you, @alex and @bill, in understanding the frustration that a bug like this can cause.

What is even more important, as @duane and @bill mentioned, is that this forum can create a positive and helpful environment. I think we can all agree that @BrianLY-38 is the one spending the biggest effort keeping things positive, by greating all new users, posting announcements of new updates and so on.

The key is how to behave in order to actually save time for @duane so that more time and effort can be put into improving the code.

I understand that it must be both time consuming and energy draining to do

So how do we actually best help @duane?
@bill gave a couple great suggestions:


As I started with mentioning, doing a ‘complete bug report’ is a great thing, especially if that is what is asked for. Sometimes that is the case, but in this case what @duane has asked for is patience:

In order to save time for the lead developer, it might be more useful to confirm an existing bug report, and perhaps point out differences in experience, rather than focusing on doing a completely new bug report from scratch.

Doing a new report from scratch might be easier for the one writing the report, but it might be more time consuming for the lead developer to digest yet another report of the same issue.

Still i would like to thank you for your engagement and effort!

Let’s all keep up the positive and helpful spirit.

In the end, we all want the same thing, the continued development of this cool app!


And @duane, stay awesome, you know we all think that you are!


Better is to use a bug-tracker like bugzilla instead of just a forum … :grimacing:
as you @Ohan pointed out, it is also my intention to get a better flowx tool and i’m ready to help with my reports.

i also can understand the point of view of @duane ,
but in my opinion his sight is too focused in expansion with new users.

there must exist a tradeoff, where all users can live with.

i can’t live with a debugging-cycle of a year or even more …
if this can’t be improved i will start searching for other tools



I agree.

Yes, that is fair.

I guess we need to help Duane



Thanks for the support everyone. We have decided that I should take a break from support until I get on top of other things. It is taking a lot of time and energy. I knew this day would come.

Instead Sally will monitor emails, reviews and the forum, and bring things to my attention. So don’t feel I’m not watching or not interested. You will still see me through releases and help content. I will focus on development and if time allows, write or video help content. Essentially, focus on creating.

I focus on gaining more users for two reasons. First, money has been a constant worry for us for 4 years - kinda over it. Flowx had its first profitable month by $200 in April. It took 8 years. Second, with money we can hire help and we can develop and fix bugs faster. It’s a chicken and egg problem.

I have lived Flowx for many years. I develop and maintain many code based, services, and servers. I hear from and help thousands of users. This gives me a big picture view and I’ve learnt many things. One is that I cannot satisfy everyone. But I can focus on making the best decisions and taking a break from support is the best decision.

I do have one thing to ask - Bill and others have mentioned it. Please do help new users and each other. I built this forum for you in the hope you’ll build a cool community. Be nice. Always be positive.

Who knows, when I return it might be all unicorns, rainbows and magical snow flakes.

Oh, and be nice to Sally. She is doing me a favour.

Cheers, Duane.


Flowx has the most tolerant and respectful members of any of the many forums to which I subscribe.


Hope you able to focus, on creating, and are able to lower frustration levels during your

Looking forward to both seeing the progress that you’ll be able to get done, and to some day see you here again.

Until then, cheers and thanks for all the fish.


Yes I like the

of this forum.
Few places are engaging as this one due to this.


@sally Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for putting up with @duane Both Yours and Duane’s Hardwork and Dedication are Greatly Appreciated (had to edit sounded wrong lol)