Radar automatic refresh not working properly, forced refresh still need

V 3.246 and forced refresh X 2 still required to reload radar.


this bug exists now since a year or so …

a possible workaround is to tap on the actual position again, then it updates the radar data reliably.
i cant imagine why this is soooo complex to solve …


@tiwag @Alex I can’t remember exactly but the first time you tap does X second tap does Y so it’s not doing so much all at once

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Sorry i dont understand exactly what you mean, i think you refer to tapping on the time. One time tap is jump to actual time, double tap is jump to last radar data available, but this is really disappointing without refreshed radar data…

Ive spoken about refreshing radar data, which still doesnt refresh automatically.

Workaround is to open the menu and then tap once on the saved location entry, normally its the same as already selected


@tiwag nope when you tap refresh the first time it loads I can’t remember then when you tap it the second time it does something else. in other words it’s not a bug it’s meant to tap 2 times in

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Sure, it’s never a bug it’s always a feature. I’m developing software since 35 years and know that too … :sunglasses:


in my mind automatic means that I don’t have to tap anything …


OK ?


@tiwag yes sir you are preaching at the wrong person I’m only a user and trying to help @duane here on the forum ok?


It’s may or may not be complex to fix but fixing the bug is not the issue - time is the issue. Bug fixing, adding features, support, part-time work, and my life (family and well being) is a lot to pack in.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I feel support is taking too much time. Much of it is fire fighting or justifying why I haven’t done something. This is the opposite of creating which I like.

I have hoped this forum would form a community of users that would help each other. Discuss things like how the weather works or tricks and tips, etc. I appreciate the efforts Brian, Ohan and others are putting in.

Sadly it has taken me over 50 minutes to draft this reply. This is what I need to stop doing.

Finally, please don’t shout at people. It doesn’t help.


This particular bug has been going on for over a year so I can sympathize with tiwag. Flowx is not a MOS type app where some meteorologist has fine tuned the raw data. The user has to mentally adjust Flowx raw data to get meaningful short term predictions. I do this, daily, by using whichever model simulation best matches radar patterns.
The need to constantly manually refresh is an added irritation I could well do without.


I’m with you @duane - these forums should be a positive place for sharing ideas and giving feedback and constructive criticism.

@tiwag - We all understand bugs are frustrating, especially when they’re long-running. I’m sure as a fellow developer you understand all too well. In the interest of trying to make something positive out of this, do you have some suggestions of how the bug can be reproduced which might help Duane track it down? Since Duane mentioned fixing this issue is a matter of time, is there anything you would be willing to help out with here to give Duane more time to work on the issue itself? Would you be willing to help with support on the forums perhaps? Just trying to come up with ideas where we can all help.


when I open Flowx Radar is updated must be missing something :thinking:


I open it always by tapping on the widget, maybe this is missing?
But I don’t know, I didn’t try it otherwise


Here is a complete bug report with screenrecording video, as demanded

screenrecording video explained referencing to video-time (min:sec)

00:00 start of recording at 1134 CEST,
my local time, watching my homescreen…

00:07 single tap on flowx-widget on my homescreen,
flowx opens with my default location,
flowx-time shows 0739 CEST, which was the time when
i last checked the wheater forecast.
some small data update is indicated in the NE-app-edge.
radar data is shown as it was at time 0739 CEST

00:17 single tap on flowx-time,
flowx-time switches to 1134 CEST, which is the actual time,
no radar data shown, which is correct because the last available
radar data time is about 15min back

00:18 double tap on flowx-time,
flowx-time switches back to 1119 CEST, obviously flowx gathered the
information at when time the radar data was updated last,
no radar data is shown (regardless how long one waits for),
which is not correct, usually called a bug by technicians,
sometimes called a feature by marketing and sales

now comes the workaround

00:25 single tap on menu
00:26 single tap on actual used location
data update is indicated in the NE-app-edge,

00:29 radar data is shown

HTH, thanks, tiwag


So @tiwag, what you could do, is to confirm if this is also for you a way to replicate the bug:

I’ve found that re-opening the app from the list of apps in the background, and from the widget have the same outcome.


0942 CEST : test is running … :sunglasses:


1016 CEST : re-opening flowx from the list of apps in the background

it behaves slightly different

  1. there is no automatic update of the radar data
  2. my workaround to retap the actual used location doesn’t work anymore, i needed to do a forced refresh :cry:

maybe this has something to do with the last app update ? :woozy_face:


no it doesn’t , the workaround works when opened flowx by tapping the widget.

There is a different behaviour of flowx, if either the app is opened from background or from the widget.

The main problem is of course the same


Hm, interesting. I was wondering why your workaround did not seam to work for me.

My default behavior have developed to become that more or less every time i open Flowx, I immediately close it again, and then re open it from the widget, since almost always i have had Flowx opened sine before, so that it has been running in the background.

The “swipe to close, and tap widget to reopen”-routine has become faster for me than performing a forced refresh. By now it’s a habit so strong that sometimes I do it when I don’t have to…


Somehow “drilled by flowx” :rofl::v::wink:


this is my procedure now too :sunglasses:

thanks for the tip !