Improvements to Swiping

Continuing the discussion from Release 3.336 (7 Jul 2021) Beta:

Now that there exist settings for swipeing, how about a toggle switch for the time direction for swiping up/down?

Swipeing right moving the “time right” is just omboius, but for me swipeing UP to move “time slowly right” feels backwards.

For me it would make more sence to swipe DOWN to move “time slowly right”, and swipeing
UP to move “time SLOWLY left”.

It’s the one thing that I seam not not be able to “get use to” despite using this app for very long time.

Ofcorce people are different, that’s why a toggle switch should do the trick.

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Sounds like you use Apple.

Put in a negative swipe speed :slight_smile:


This just became the best update ever!


Quite the opposite!
Whenever I’ve used a friends Apple computer I’ve allways felt that the scrolling was backwards.

I think the key to understanding what direction that feels right, is to know if one think of the swiping/scrolling as “grabbing a text/dokument/map/image and pushing it around on the screen” or if one think of it as “pulling/dragging a scrollbar thumb”.

In right left, having the swipe-motion in the same direktion as the movement at the thick orange line in the graphs makes me think that it feels like “dragging a scrollbar thumb”

But in the up/down direktion the default direction in Flowx did not feel like “dragging a scrollbar thumb”, but rather as “grabbing a dokument/image and dragging it around”.

Using a

makes me feel that both the right/left and the up/down swipe direktions behave as “scrollbar thumbs” and at least to me, it (finely) feels more consistent.

Thank you for this!

I made the swiping directions on day-one based on what made sense to me. To me, it’s like a volume slider where you increase time in the up or right direction.

I don’t think about sliding maps, documents, etc around. By chance, if you swipe the earth left-to-right, it’ll rotate it in the same direction as a positive progression of time.