Persistent new icon on top blue field

The new icon on top blue field, looking like a white drop with a blue bent flash, is persistent.

For how long time is this new icon suppose to stay?

When taping it the “High res time step” notification" is shown.

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(I think @jojo already mentioned this before, but cant find that post.)

@jojo I thought that you had already mentioned something like this, I mean earlier than the post linked below.

The icon is the Dark Sky icon. Flowx is getting a lot of Dark Sky users and I’m getting a lot of emails asking for things like sunrise/set, notification, an minute by minute run down of rain, current conditions etc… This icon is to attract their attention and hopefully read the blog post. This will give them more understanding of what Flowx is (and is not) and what we plan to do. It help reduce emails.

It’ll hopefully stop reviews like this:

Gave up on this mess. I’ve spent way too much time trying to get the map readable. The overlays obscure the map so I can’t see where it’s at. Yes, I played with the transparency settings but nothing really worked. I even paid for full benefits, big mistake.

This guy was trying to get Flowx to be like Dark Sky and got frustrated.

It’ll probably be there for a few weeks.


Ok, good to know.

Lets hope the benefit of more users soon will be grater then the pain dealing of them who tries to force square pegs inte round holes.

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It haven’t really felt pressured to force a square peg into a round hole. I’m just telling Dark Sky users which things are square pegs and which are round holes :wink: