Port to Apple - updates

Hi @Aharrison7,

Yes, I have got Flowx on TestFlight with closed testing, i.e., people within. I think you’re talking about open testing on TestFlight?? For open testing on TestFlight, I need to get Apple to approve the app. I’m just adding the initialization on first open after install and surrounding pages, e.g., add place, settings, help, edit place, etc… so it looks like a complete app for the Apple review. I’m hoping to submit it for review towards the end of Sept.


@Aharrison7 Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for your efforts to port your incredible application to Apple. I have been a Flowx subscriber since January 2019, and while I haven’t been a dedicated android user for quite some time now, I maintain my subscription with you. This is in hopes that it helps your efforts to continue making Flowx the best weather app on portable devices.

I look forward to the release of the new iOS version. In the meantime, should you need any assistance with beta testing, UX design review, etc., I would be more than happy to help. I use Flowx as a marine navigator, airplane pilot, and general weather watcher.

Thanks again.


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Thanks for your continued support Pete.

I’m fixing the final bugs on both Android and iOS. I have a iOS developer helping me with the iOS UI stuff. My aim for this month is to get it to a state we can submit it to Apple for approval and then beta test it. I’m hopeful I can do it but these final bugs are quite painful.

Every day we get closer.


@pgaiger Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx

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:rofl:I almost see this thread every day, totally unexpected yesterday night I dreamed that Flowx was on the TestFlight and I downloaded it immediately. I found it was as smooth as the android version. I really like it :relaxed:
Good luck to Flowx, and good luck to developers.

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Ahhh. Han you had me excited for an update about the app going live as well.

Much like you I’m checking near daily this thread. Wishing for a smooth (and fast) path forward to the iOS app. Thanks Duane and good luck.

Ok, I was going to do this when you posted but my Apple code was broken but now, here it is. A sneak peak of Flowx for Apple in action. There are still many optimizations, polish and features to add.

If there are any Swift/SwiftUI developers watching - I would love to get some advice/help with a few things. I’m hoping that with some advisors around, I might reduce the mistakes I make and get to the finish line faster.

Sweet dreams :slight_smile: