RainViewer 2 Beta Testing

Hello friends,

RainViewer is in the process of releasing RainViewer 2. This is in Beta at the moment and Oleksii has invited Flowx users to the Beta Testing.

If you’re interested in becoming a RainViewer 2 Beta Tester, Check out this:

Twitter post

One major feature in Rain Viewer 2 is the future prediction of radar. Check it out.

Cheers, Duane.


Thanks @duane all signed up :+1::+1:

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When can RainViewer 2 be integrated into Flowx?

You will still be able to see measure radar. I don’t think the prediction radar will be integrated in Flowx unless RainViewer allows it. And even if the predicted radar is integrated, I think you would only be able to see it if you have a RainViewer2 pro subscriptions. Silver or Gold will not show it by default. I think this is only fair to RainViewer 2.


Did anyone get rainviewer 2 beta?

From looking at the rainviewer Twitter feed, it was closed to new beta testers before the original message was posted on here.

I didn’t get an invite it seems, which is a shame


@Kai666 nothing heard here

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Sorry I posted a bit late and didn’t see the expiry date before posting. My fault.


Hi D and Bly and K666…
Signed up around the 6th?? And got an email on the 16th allowing me to beta ver 2… Put it on one of my phones… Drought up here in NH but also track storms in Mobile AL…
Not much going on…
Only have beat on it for 2 or 4 hours just learning the new UI and features
I do have some critical opinions and feedback for Oleksii but I feel they should go to him first for his response.
Looks like quite a major rewrite and a new direction for RainViewer.
Anyone else??


I also signed up for RainViewer 2 Beta Testing after reading about it here, and I’ve got in.

It’s interesting with the predictive radar.
I would be happy to see it in Flox.

I’ve subscribed to Rainviewer 2 too, and will gladly continue to do so, especially it that mean that the predictive radar could be shown in Flowx too. :sunglasses:

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@Ohan current radar will stay predictions won’t

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Yes I know, it’s this “if” part that I’m hoping will happen, and I totally understand and agree with that a RainViewer2 pro subscriptions would be required.

I think this would make a verry great combo that I think is worth the extra subscription.

And I think that others would too.

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When I tap on Check RainViewer in the Flowx settings, I get the message I’ve included below. I have the Gold Pro Flowx subscription, and the RainViewer 2.0 beta Pro 1 Year subscription. What does the message below mean? Am I missing out on something I should be getting?

“RainViewer permission denied. Permission Denial: reading com.lucky_apps.rainviewer.provider.
PremiumFeaturesProvider uri content://com.lucky_apps.RainViewer.app.provider/premium_features from pid=” and so on.

Thank you… Bob


Hi! Bob @Pedum!
Here is a perhaps relevant quote from Duane for you:

In response to:

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@Pedum as @Ohan stated its for Duane for Debugging however just the original RainViewer Radar is available in Flowx the prediction radar is not available in Flowx

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Thank you @Ohan and @BrianLY-38 for your help clarifying this for me.