Release 3.200 (15 Sep 2019)

  • Movie Maker: Click share to create and share a video with friends. This is beta and a work-in-progress. Feel free to suggest any improvements.
  • HaRRR* Smoke and HYSPLIT smoke data is now free since there are lots of fires in California.

* Don’t forget International Talk like a Pirate day on the 19th of September.

Planned Movie Maker improvements:

  • animated GIFs
  • single map full screen layout
  • delay and ease in and out to autoplay


I have a sugestion!
Make another entry in the ment under “sharing” called

(or perhaps “Movie and gif maker”)
and dedicate the first “sharing” - menu entry to stills only, (perhaps renaming it “Share image” or similar).

The reasons for this suggestions are:

  • reduce the number of taps to perform a task
  • there is still plenty of space in the menu, so two rows dedicated for sharing seams not too much
  • make the “movie maker” more visible, by having it spelled out directly in the menu
  • make the user experience more intuitive ( it actually took me an attempt to figure out and understand the difference between the still image maker and the movie maker, making me feel a bit stupid. You don’t want to make your users feel stupid…)

Great job!

This is a legitimate view. I did think about this but I don’t want to add more menu entries in order to keep it simple. Because we’ve used Flowx for a long time, this one small addition may seem logical but it adds another point of attention for a new user. A common complaint is the Flowx is overwhelming and has a big learning curve for new users so I need to keep it simple. A movie maker is not important for a new user so we hide it.

Also I have plans to add other options (1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p) next to the native resolution picture and movie options. This allows you to create a GIF at a lower resolution for easy sharing.

I can also add text to the icons to reduce the confusion.

I know adding one more option is not a biggie but if I took this approach for all other features, the menu would have dozens of options. The reason there are only 5 options is because I deliberately don’t add options :slight_smile: I would like to reduce it to 3 or 4 options.


@duane adding text below icons I think would be good. But I like the simple icons. Great Job :+1::+1:


Was just about yo suggest gif, but I se it’s already a

Another sugestion is more clarity about the meaning of when the digit in from of “seconds” is gray VS. white. In my experience a gray digit works as if length is "indefinite.

It took me a while to figure this out, and how to stop it. (I found that wolume down stops the recording).

Tips > Share


@duane Looks Awesome


May I suggest a “how to” - button, or directlink on the “sharing” screen that goes to this tip, or to a pop-up with the same text?