Release 3.304 (7 Dec 2020)Beta

Release 3.304 (7 Dec 2020)Beta

  • NEW: You can Edit, Add and Delete data values, e.g., time, temperature, precipitation, by long-pressing on them.

  • There is a limited number of data types to choose from but let me know on the forum what you’d like to see.


@duane Pretty Cool Feature :+1::+1:


This is a nice new feature. Definitely useful. Thanks @duane!


Well done @duane!


There is some work left to be done regarding the distribution of space between the data.

In the image above, a fifth data is added, and you can still se lots of unused space to the right of the two most right data, but the time is only shown with 3 digits.

Hi Ohan,
Try landscape mode.


You don’t know how hard that is. You have to load all the data, measure the width of all the number renderings over all time and then distribute the boxes. It’s easier to add another row which I plan to do.

If you notice, the numbers don’t jitter around when you swipe through time. If you look at landscape mode, you’ll notice the top date/time shifts sideways when you swipe through time and the numbers change but the other number don’t. That took age to get right - this is why I know your request is hard and prone to bugs.


Good that there is a plan!

Another issue I’ve found is that sometimes the data values are only shown for past times and not for future times ("-" is shown for all but the time).

Forsed refresh does not fix this, but app restart do. But then a while later the problem is back.

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Another feedback for the:

I find the “Edit, Add and Delete”-approach a bit cumbersome to work with.

If you placed the new data type in the wrong spot you’ll have to tap many times to change the order, an in the meantime you’ll need to remember what you are “moving”, so you can add back the right one.

I like the “Edit data”-menue with checkboxes, and I wounder if the way to change data values could be changed from the 3-menues:

  • Edit
  • Add
  • Delete

To a 2-menues aproch with

  • a list of checkboxes (replacing the “Add and Delete”),
  • and the “edit” option be changed to a tool for changeing the order of selected values. (similar to how “Editor” > “Places” works now).
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Or Edit, Add, Delete, Move.


Neat! This is a much appreciated feature. Thanks for finding the time!


I had thought about adding move but decided not to. You can effectively move values by changing them. There are only a few. Once you have it setup, you won’t change it. Well this is the case for me.

Again I like to justify every addition to Flowx.

“Moving Values”, hasn’t been requested much, you can still effectively move values and it doesn’t add much value to the app.

As a contrast, “accumulated precipitation” is requested a lot, you cannot do it at the moment and adds value to the app.

I’m trying exemplify my thought process in justifying features in the app. Keep it simple.

I know I harp on about it but when I started Flowx, I added nearly everything users asked. Many of these features ended up being used by only one or two users, very occasionally, yet carried a lot of cost in terms of code maintenance and confusing users. Flowx was a mess. It felt like a straw house help together with duct tape. I would add a window (feature) and the door would fall off.

Keep it super simple.


Hi great new feature thanks. I would like to see swell and direction in the data points please. I find the swell color resolution to course on the maps for surfing. I would be great to reduce the scale for that if possible as well.

Best weather app ever thanks flowx


@Kinga Hello and Welcome to the Forum and Thank You for Using Flowx. if you long press the scale you can change the colors

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Hi @Kinga,

Swells and direction is on the todo list. I need to make a couple of changes to properly cope with it.

One question, usually you add a location on land where there are no waves. Would you add a separate location at sea to look at the swell? This is one of the issues I’m thinking about.

You can reduce the scale on the map by long-pressing on the color scale bar at the bottom of the map.

Cheers, Duane.